UK Duration Records

British National Indoor Duration records

The Indoor Technical Committee strongly believe that setting new records in all duration classes and categories of venues is an important aspect of the future development of duration flying. There are not too many competitions available and striving to set new National Records is a good way of both recording the current state of model development and also achieving new levels of performance from them.

An explanation of record classes etc. can be found here.

In order to claim a record you need to notify the BMFA within 7 days of your flight you can then apply for the actual record when you have time on your return to base. Both of these forms can be found on the BMFA website here.

For the current 2018 list of British Indoor Records click here.

There are very few records set for CAT I and II sites – so why not give it a try? You only need to be timed by 2 BMFA members.

Go on – get your name in the record books!!