Indoor Duration Flying is a hobby for all – young, old and any age in between!!



Indoor duration flying provides terrific challenges in all of its many aspects and as you improve, trust us, the challenges just keep on growing!


Indoor Duration Flying is a hobby for all , if you are a newcomer or returning to the hobby our aim is to give you enough information to encourage you and put you in touch with others who can directly assist you further. Indoor flyers are a friendly bunch but small in number; we need more people to join us.

You might like to read this short article I wrote for the BMFA magazine shortly after I restarted indoor flying back in 2009 – it might just strike a chord with you too.

If you are already a regular flyer then our aim is to keep you updated on what is happening on the indoor duration scene, mainly at home but also International events and provide up to date reference material that will help you to build and fly ever better models.

Do take a look through our website you will find a wealth of information in articles covering how to build and fly your first models right through to a fairly advanced level. We are constantly seeking to add to this to provide a single point of reference for everything you will need to know. If there is something you feel can be usefully added then please let me know and I’ll try to fix it.

Have a look at what all the fuss is about in this YouTube clip here – including the slowest mid-air ever perhaps! The models shown are F1Ds – the top International class – don’t worry you don’t have to start here!

Read all about the fascinating History of Indoor Flying that even pre dates full size aviation here.

The Indoor Technical Committee (ITC) are a group of elected volunteers who represent Indoor Duration flying to our National body the British Model Flying Association. Amongst other things they organise the annual Indoor Duration Nationals event and select the team representing great Britain in International events.

Members for 2019/20:-

Mike Colling FSMAE – Chairman and BMFA Council Delegate
Bob Bailey –                    Treasurer (Co-opted member)
Hans Staartjes –             Secretary
Tony Hebb –                    Public Relations Officer (PRO) and Results
Meredith Evans –           Rules Officer and SW Liaison
Dave Whitehouse –        North West Area Representative. (Co-opted member).

ITC Objectives:-

The primary aim of the Indoor Technical Committee is to Promote, Protect and Preserve all aspects of Indoor Duration Flying in the UK, to ensure there is a sound foundation for future generations.

Indoor Duration flying is especially vulnerable because of the lack of affordable high ceiling sites in the UK since we lost the use of Cardington airship hangar in 2009. However despite this there is much activity in Sports Halls and hangars up and down the country.

If you know of any potential site – we are looking for venues with ceiling heights in excess of 50 feet together with a large floor area – then please get in touch at the contact e:mail address. In the same vein if you are able to offer sponsorship in any form then we would be very happy to discuss as this would help us to fund training and excellence events for all ages thus ensuring that team GB stays on top of the world of indoor flying.

We want to do all we can to cater for the sport fliers and newcomers who will hopefully be tomorrow’s International competitors. Our aim is to provide hands-on help for novices in the shape of teaching the necessary skills, for example:- wood selection, building, covering techniques, motor winding and flying. There are experienced flyers around the country who are willing to help you, just contact me in the first instance tony_hebb@hotmail.com.