Other Websites

Indoor News and Views (INAV) – This now constitutes the most amazing repository of history (from 1961) and information regarding Indoor flying. It is full of contemporaneous accounts of flying meetings, plans and many great “How To” articles. In particular Larry Coslick’s build manual for EZB (F1L) – my bible when I began building indoor models – and Steve Brown ditto for Motor Sticks and Booms.

Here you will find an INDEX to INAVs issues 102 – 123, it is not 100% but I’ve extracted what I think will be of interest to UK duration flyers. It’s a downloadable Excel file with all rows indexed so you can save it and then sort and filter at will. To do this highlight all the rows and columns and go to Data tab then sort or filter to select eg. F1L plans.
There is another index on the INAV site for the issues from the 1990s, its at the end of the Nov’98 issue.

Indoor Construction – you’ll need to join the Yahoo Group to access some good information, photos and chat.

Hip Pocket Aeronautics – Go to the Indoor FF Builder’s Forum for a feast of information on pretty well all indoor classes.


Indoor Flying Models Lew Gitlow (US 1981) from SAMs Models, Amazon

Building & Flying Indoor Model Airplanes Ron Williams (US 1985) available from Amazon

Indoor Flying Models Ron Warring (1946) occasionally available from Amazon marketplace

BMFA Indoor Forum paper – Available from tony_hebb@hotmail.com £10 + P&P

Including these indispensible articles:-

How to make indoor propellers Bob Bailey
Indoor Wood Testing Bob Bailey