The purpose of this page is to list things people might want and those “hard to find” items that you are willing to supply at cost + P&P in small quantities. For the moment it is limited to the UK only.

The emphasis is “at cost”, not e:Bay trading, OK?


20″ lengths of .004 boron, will supply in bundles of 10.

To add your items please let me have the details and your preferred method of contact.

If you are interested in any items then mail me at tony_hebb@hotmail.com and I will put you in touch with the supplier.

If you are looking for equipment or materials then let me have those details too – let’s see if anyone can help.


The questions I am most frequently asked is where to obtain the “major” bits of indoor hardware.

ie. Winders, Rubber strippers, Torque meters – so these are in demand – if you have any unused items let me know.

I’d love to get hold of some different coloured tubing suitable for O-rings, I like to rotate my motors during a flying session and this allows easier tracking of them. I’m down to green at the moment, yellow, red, blue would be great.

Also Ambroid and Duco are in short supply – again if you have any spare let me know.

Finally if you have any good TAN II in the fridge or freezer we have a number of new recruits who are very much in need of rubber to match their improving flying abilities – you simply cannot fly the top times without great rubber!!