25th July Latest TVAC news

Hi All, Just heard from Hans that we are not able to go ahead with our planned 9th August TVAC meeting as the venue has a conflicting event that day. They have confirmed that the 27th September is possible. This is disappointing but obviously they are primarily an athletics centre and we do not come… Read More »

July 2020 Lockdown news

22/07/20 We are currently waiting for news from Thames Valley Athletic Centre (TVAC) regarding recommencing general flying events – hopefully our August 9th date might be possible as indoor Gyms can open from this weekend. We may be restricted on the numbers that can be accommodated. If this is the case I’ll circulate everyone on… Read More »

Upcoming TVAC and other dates

Hans has arranged the following dates for 2020 at Thames Valley Athletics Centre. February 23rd, March 15th, 26th April, 24th May. The F1D World Championships are in Slanic Prahova, Romania from March 24th to March 29th. Our team comprises, Hans Staartjes, Mark Benns and Tony Hebb. For anyone interested this year’s Kibbie Dome the event… Read More »